Combat Sports Hall of Fame

The mission of the Combat Sports Hall of Fame is to celebrate the achievements of elite practitioners, training camps, and organizations in mixed martial arts; document the history of the sport and the varied forms of martial arts; and to educate visitors, researchers, and combat sports enthusiast.   

What The Future Holds

The activities of the Combat Sports Hall of fame will include induction ceremonies, exhibitions, archiving records and statistics of the sport and its fighters, and producing educational events and programs. Individual martial arts systems will also be featured in addition to mixed martial arts.

What is the Combat Sports Hall of Fame?

The Combat Sports Hall of Fame is a non-profit institution that will chronicle the progression of combat sports in an innovative manner. We also know everyone has a fight be it in a ring/cage or in everyday life. This hall of fame is for everyone. You do not have to know about martial arts to benefit from the exhibitions, programing, and events. 

The Mission